Thursday, 24 December 2009

My Christmas Edition Blog:-

We are having such a great time shopping for Christmas this year that for once I'm enjoying it and looking forward to the big day itself.
but what I am looking forward to is seeing Candy's face when she opens her prezzies, I hope she loves them all.
We have gone bonkers this year in prezzie buying, but nothing expensive, just little gifts that we will love.
What is rather good is the weather, SNOW! and lots of it.
and as usual Candy is enjoying playing in the snow, throwing snowballs at me, etc

If you are wondering why I have not been updating my blog alot recently
or appearing on Facebook and Twitter is that I have no internet connection anymore,
where we live in Stokesley is lovely but it is surrounded by huge mountains (Candy calls them hills, but I think they are bigger)
and we can not get any internet signal for Dave our laptop. plus we also have trouble at times getting a signal on our mobile phones,
so at the moment I'm reduced to using the computers at the library which I don't use alot as
I don't leave the flat that much due to my bad back and bandaged legs that hampers my mobility at times.

I had a very chavy moment the other day,
I was watching the Jeremy Kyle Show on ITV1, which is full of chavs and
it is the British equivelent to the Jerry Springer show but slightly less violent.
anyway I did a double take when I recognised one of the "victims",
Lisa who used to work for me at Blockbuster video store,
it was one of those usual "I don't know if you are the father to my baby" storyline.
It was quite funny and sad really that people have to expose themselves to the public with their own private problems,
but that is today's society, reality shows, celebrity mags, CCTV, 5-min fame and chat shows.

Now you all know that I am head over heels in love with my wife, Candy.
she is my light and my sunshine, my soulmate and my amazing sweetheart.
but goddamn it, we are so connected spiritualy that when my dear wife has her monthly moon time,
I also suffer from sympathy pains.
I really do feel for you women, how the heck do you cope?

It's bad enough with everything else going on with me medically, but to suffer from this as well. is sure funny. I love you darling.

I have noticed something else health wise about me now,
I suffer really badly from travel sickness every time I go on the bus.
and now I have to take napkins and a sick bag every time I travel.
Candy did buy me some travel pills, which are working to a small degree.
I think the problem is that we live in the middle of nowhere with lots of country roads
and it takes an hour to travel to either Northallerton or to Middlesbrough.

I did have some luck with lost members of my family,
I made contact with three of my cousins - Angela, Julie, and Karen.
they are the daughters of my Aunt Shelia and Uncle Tom,
who live in Withernsea where my late mum was born.

I also found some evidence about my late father's past including his first wife,
and various assignments on American aircraft carriers when he was in the RAF.
I got to admit, I don't know what to make of the stuff I found,
and there is no one to talk to about it who knew my dad.

I've started to get back into collecting my comic books again after having a four month break to use the money for other matters.
and as for my comic book, I have only written one page of script so far, and lots of notes and ideas,
but I have not had the brain power to write anything for a while,
maybe once I have gotten healthy, then I can start writing again.
but I am keeping secret on what the title will be and what it is about until closer to the time.

I've included a couple of pictures,
two are from Candy's favourite website - LOLCATS,
a movie poster for the upcoming Marvel superhero movie Ironman 2,
a dozy picture of me with my pirate beard, and Remy the Moose...Nuff 'Said.

Anyway this is my Christmas Eve post and I hope everyone has an Amazing Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.
See you all in 2010!

Love to you all and Good Night...Where ever you are...

Friday, 4 September 2009

Long Journeys.

It has been yet another long time since I last updated my blog and part of me misses doing this on a regular basis but another part of me wonders do I need to do this anymore as I have Facebook now to update my daily rants and stuff?
I admit I've not been online for a couple of months as for some strange reason I have lost all internet connection and signal for my laptop, and I am trying to sort it out.

It has been a busy few months so here goes folks...

Well we finally got back to our old home to pack what stuff we could get in the short space of time that we had which was only 5 hours,
we were helped by two removal men, Pete and Steve and a lad named James who worked for the company that deals with the keys to the house.
James was really wonderful and very helpful, he loved Candy's artwork and my collection of comics and swords.
Candy and I arrived at our home at 9.30am to find all our hedges and trees in the front garden had been cut down by a very nasty neighbour, next door who we found out later had dumped loads of rubbish in our back garden and broken into our shed and took stuff, We could not gain access to our garden, which upset Candy as she wanted to collect some tools from the shed that used to belong to her grandfather, but now they might have been nicked.
When we got into the house, it was trashed inside, whom ever put up the metal plates on the doors and windows had also gone through our personal stuff and thrown stuff around, broke stuff and generally left a mess which took us longer to find stuff to pack up, they even went through our clothes draw and thrown Candy's clothes on the floor.
we were fucking disgusted and we have no idea what if any of our stuff had been stolen.
anyway being angry was not getting us anywhere, so we started to pack what we could, I went upstairs to our bedroom to start packing up our clothes and anything else that we needed, while everyone else was clearing out the living room, luckly we already had alot of stuff packed up before we were evicted months ago.
after they cleared that room, they started on the dining room, and the other two bedrooms, we managed to save Candy's childhood rocking horse but not all of her stuff including her toybox, which I feel for her as I lost most of my toys when I moved house.
There was only one minor incident of my legs buckling underneath me and I had trouble getting back up and standing/walking, but apart from that I was alright and I did not tell Candy what had happand until we got home, which she was rightfully worried about, she checked my bandages on my legs and if my leg sores had broken but they were alright.
anyway to cut the story short, we got what we could achieve in the short hours that we had and we now have most of our stuff in our flat whilst everything else is in storage as the removal men only worked up to a certain time (originally they did not tell us this) so we should get everything else next week now.
also before I forget, a big thank you to Eddie the Taxi Driver who drove us from Northallerton to Easingwold and then Easingwold to Stokesley, it cost me £80 in taxi fare but it was worth it and we would have been lost without him, cheers mate.

I do feel for Candy as we talked about what we have lost but also what we managed to get back from the house, and it was harder for her as she had lived in that house with her (now) late father for 16 years and there's a bucket load of memories in the place, I only lived there for just under four years, so I'm alright, but her dad and her cat are buried in Easingwold and we don't know when we will get back there to visit them. Candy has been really brave over this but you still can see the sadness over the loss in her face.

Anyway this should be a new start for us in Stokesley, we might stay here for a year or we might stay for longer, who knows.
but we got each other, and that is the important thing in our lives.

anyway on to other things -
Instead of writing out a full and long blog entry for the last few months, I thought I would do a highlight section instead.
(The events below are not in any order of date or time)

Candy bought a couple of toys from the Mind charity shop the other week, and they are wonderful -

The Bat Mobile from the 1960's TV series of BATMAN -

The Black Beauty from the 1960's TV series of The GREEN HORNET -

K-9 from the TV series of DOCTOR WHO -

Candy also treated me to the original boxset of Dungeons & Dragons which made me really happy -

Several weeks ago, Candy and I were unfortunate to be among the many thousands of people in this country to contract the H1N1 virus otherwise known as the Swine Flu virus. we were lucky as we only got mild symptoms and we recovered after a week of rest, but it was a week of being in pain that we don't want to go through again.

Here's a picture I got from a friend who emailed me - Poor Piglet is not very well -

I turned 34 years old on May the Third, and I had a pretty good time as my birthday celebrations also fell on the international Free ComicBook Day, for which we travelled up to Middlesbough for the day.
It was the very first time we visted the town and it took us a while to locate the FPI comicshop which when we got there we were so bloody disappointed as they deciced not to particapate in the FCBD initiative and they were really rude to both Candy and I for no reason except they did not like the look of us.
so I missed out on some free comics that I wanted, so I was pretty peeved off.
but Candy suggested that I should get in touch with another shop, which I did.
So I emailed GOSH comics in London, and they were so wonderful to us and sent out a selection of comics that I was after for free delivery.
We were so impressed by the company that if anyone from that shop is reading this, a big thank you for you.
I also got loads of birthday messages from my friends on Facebook and some cards as well, Cheers guys ;-)

We are still watching Big Brother 10 and we are really enjoying it which has surprised us, my favourites have been Freddie, Siavash, and Marcus.
Candy and I were rooting for Marcus to win as we think he is the coolest one in the house, but he got kicked out last week, so my bet is Siavash or Sophie.

I know it's very late in making this comment but both Psychoville and Torchwood: Children of the Earth were both fantastic viewing,
and at the moment I'm enjoying watching Being Human on BBC 1.

Candy had also bought over the weeks (spending my money here!) an original NES computer game system with added games for a tenner, a whole load of 70's superhero annuals in faily good condition, a huge amount of Beano and Dandy comics/annuals dating back from the 1980's, and a large number of occult/witchcraft books from which she would like to learn the craft from me.

Candy is very good with Crystals and Dowsing Rods and she has dipped her fingers into spellcasting which she is getting better with my help of course.
Don't forget folks I used to be known as Witchboy for several years and I have practiced magick from a very early young age.

As for my health, it's getting better slowly.
my legs are looking better but with huge scabs covering the sores, so my skin is getting healed underneath all of the scabs, but at the moment they will not win any beauty prize.
I have to wear bandages all the time and I regular see the Lymphoedema clinic for treatment.
at least my legs are not going to be amputed now which was once said back in Feb.
but my back is still killing me and the painkillers are still not working so I'm having to be assessed for futher treatment, bloody hell just give me Morphine, than I be happy!

Candy made me an amazing video on Dave the Laptop of a love message from her to me, and it bought a tear to my eyes, it was such a wonderful thing, and I am so bloody lucky to be married to her, to be with her and she really is the best. I Love You Candy Darling.

Anyway here are a few photos of Candy and Myself that we took recently.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Old People!

Now don't get me wrong, this does not mean every old person out there, but boy are they a pain in the back side, especially at Bus queues, where they don't queue for a bus, but when one turns up, they barge right in front of you and all cram on to the bus and get the "good" seats and if you Dare say anything to them , they cry out the OAP card and start muttering something about the war and their generation. I have even noticed them walking so slowly down the street or in a shop where they get in your way and hit you with their walking sticks or barging into you with their wheel chairs and then they see the bus and they walk so fast, sometimes even run towards the bus that they would give The Flash a race for his life.
It really does piss me off at times, especially as I can't walk that fast any more. Damn I would make a good Old Person lol

Shopping Spree

Due to receiving a massive amount of money from my Disability Living Allowance which got back dated four months,
I decided to treat myself and Candy to stuff that we don't normally have.

So on 5th June we went shopping to Northallerton and well we bought lots of goodies which I have listed below.
All the DVD's I bought were from BlockBusters, They had some really good bargains.

We even went food shopping without having any worries or using my calculator to work out how much I was spending,
The only worries we had were will it fit in the freezer.

So here's everything we bought so far -

Create your own website, Select desktop publishing 2nd edition.

Shellshock 'Nam'67, Reign of Fire, Brute Force, Dark Angel.

Tin Man Ultimate boxset, Stealth Fighter, The Happening,
Get Smart, Kingdom of the Spiders,
Mutant Chronicles, The Commitments, The Dark Knight, Inkheart, Mummy 3, The Warriors Directors cut,
Kung Fu Hustle, Near Dark, You Don't Mess With The Zohan,
Hot Shots & Hot Shots Part Deux,
Bedtime Stories, Dogma, Night at the Museum, Crank,
Discovering Herbs, The Mist, Underworld 3,
Deathwatch, Transporter 3, Deathrace, Zoolander,
Farscape Season 1, The Black Hole,
Stargate: SG1 Season 10 boxed set, Starfleet X-Bomber boxset,
The 10th Kingdom,
Babylon 5 Ultimate Universe boxset,
The Peculiar Adventures of Hector.

Men In Black, Rayman 2, Croc: Legend of the Gobbos,
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,
Crash Bandicoot, Speed Freaks.

Soultaker, Steps: Live at Wembley 2000, Bodysnatchers, Infested, Dickie Roberts: Former Childstar,
Spiderman: The Dragon's Challenge, Scanners 2,
Transformers: Arrival from Cybertron,
Darkskies: The Awakening, Brainscan, Famous Five,
Denver the Last Dinosaur, Mortal Kombat,
Due South: Pilot, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: Directors Cut, Deep Blue Sea,
Superman: The Magnetic Telescope.

Men of Tomorrow, A Guide to Wizards of the World,
Dragons-Giants and Witches,
The Science of Discworld, Valiant Annual 1980,
Truckers (Terry Pratchet), Bollywood Movies Diary 2009,
Simpsons Magnetic Set, Gothic Marble Wall Mirror.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


Big Brother X

Well It's that time of year again and another batch of weird and wonderful characters battling it out for stardom and the next photoshoot at Nuts Magazine.

We have 16 Non-Housemates this year and they are -

Freddie - Posh Nice Guy
Lisa - Lesbian Anarchist
Sophie - Big Boobies and Blonde
Kris - Lots of Hair with Nothing in the Middle
Noirin - Skank Ho
Cairon - Young American Gangster
Angel - Russian Boxer, Gender Unknown
Karly - Self Confessed Bitch and WAG Wannabe
Marcus - Our very own Wolverine!
Beinazir - Asian Amy Winehouse
Sophia - Black Peggy Mitchell
Rodrigo - Bi-Sexual Brazillian Student
Charlie - Happy Go Lucky Gay Guy
Saffia - Bad Bitchy Momma
Sree - Serious Indian Student
Siavash - Weird, Just Weird!

Well I don't know if we will be watching it every night, but it should be interesting!

Saturday, 30 May 2009


Today is my beautiful wife's birthday.
Darling I love you so very much, more now than the day I met you.
You are and always will be my sweet soulmate, my everything and my forever love.
What more can I ask for in my life than someone who makes me laugh, giggle and wiggle like a schoolgirl as I am being tickled, who cooks the most splendid meals every day, who always makes me feel better after I have hurt myself, who listens to every word I say and laughs at all my silly songs and joins in as well. Candy you have made this Papa Moose a very happy Moose.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Dream Home

ok I have not updated in such a long time, due to the reasons of being made homeless and living in a grotty B&B, I will get round to updating this blog on the whats and whynots of that later, but what I'm letting you all know is where we will be moving to.
now most of my friends on FaceBook already know this but Candy and I will be moving to Stokesley. it's near the Teeside border and we are not that far from Middlesbrough.
we will be moving into a 3-bedroom flat with two bathrooms, a kitchen/diner, living room, two large landing areas, and another room where we can have our studio/study.
it has beautiful views towards the moors and the hills, down the back of our building is a cobbled path towards a stream full of ducks, which I know Candy will love to feed and take photos of and she will get some great pictures drawn.
but apart from that, we will be above an Indian restraunt/take-away. my gawd it's gonna be amazing and Candy is so happy about it, she deserves to be happy after everything she has been through the last several years and I hope as her husband I will be able to make her happy every day.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Easingwold Doctors

Last Friday I had to have Dr. Westerman come out to see me as I have not left the house in nearly five months due to swollen legs and also we needed someone in doors at all times as we are squatting in our own home (long story) but not only was he three hours late in seeing me, but then he had the fucking balls to say that I'm killing myself and that I be dead soon!
Candy got really upset over this and she had to fight back the tears and anger.
The stupid thing is that I've got a handle on my diabetes, I don't eat that much so I don't put weight on, to be honest I've lost quite a bit of weight over the months, I don't smoke or drink any alcoal, my blood pressure is pretty normal and my blood sugar levels are ok.
all that is wrong with me is that I have a bad back (torn muscle that has rehealed wrong) and swollen legs that has started to get small sores that Candy is treating with meds, and that is only down to my psiorisis and ingrowing hairs.

the only other thing that I have not done right is to go out of the house as I have not left the house in five months, not since we started squatting as someone has to be indoors at all times, and with my back hurting, I was the one to stay at home.
plus I missed a few appointments with fucking stupid doctors who have no idea what it's like to live in the real world, and to have real problems.
but for him to say that to me, that I wil be dead soon, and my legs will be cut off, and that I don't care about my life. fucking bastard.

So yesterday afternoon, I braved the outside world and it took me nearly half an hour to walk a short distance down the lane to the doctors to see another GP, but she was less then useless and told me there is nothing for her to do for me except continue to take the antibiotics for my legs and see the diaebites nurse for a blood test. aaargh bloody doctors, fucking usless and stupid, and then they wonder why I don't have faith in them...
*breathes* rant over

The Wonderful World of TV

I do love January/February time for televison, all the brand new shows that have started and all the old favourites that have come back to the box.
here is a round-up of all my favourite shows of these last few weeks -

NCIS: One of our favourite american tv drama thrillers is back for season 5 and it is brillent, some amazing writing and the acting is really good.

Hustle: Is a British gem in TV gold, and Adrain Lester is back as Mickey "Bricks"
and with two new stars that have just joined, the series is back on form.

Demons: I'm only adding this here as the very first episode was really good and it had alot of potential but it has completly flopped in the ratings due to bad writing, acting and special effects. such a shame, I do hope it does not get renewed for a season 2.

Dexter: Is another american show that we love, with such incredible acting and the dark humour is wonderful, lets hope ITV does not mess with this series.

Big Bang Theory: Geeks of the world unite, we are taking over the world! what a fantastically funny show that spotlights the geek as the ultimate role model! and as a geek myself I love it, plus I'm glad I married a geek too.

Shameless: Is back and ruder than ever! I have always loved this show and now in it's sixth year I have converted Candy into loving it as well. Brillent acting and writing, and nearly all the stars that have left have all gone on to do bigger things.

Plus One: A charming and funny mini series that has just recently finished on Channel 4, Duncan James from the boyband Blue takes the piss out of himself and the situations that the lead character finds himself in on his quest to find a plus one for a wedding is funny and worth another series.

Bear Behaving Badly: A guilty pleasure of childrens televison, along with Lazy Town, this show about a blue stuffed toy bear is wonderful and I can do an amazing impression of the Nev the Bear's voice... Can't Catch Me....

The other week, Candy treated me to the DVD boxed set of season 9 of StarGate:SG1, and it was such a wonderful suprise and I absolute loved it. we spent nearly a whole week just watching the gaters on their many adventures, just need to buy the final season now.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The New Leader

Well the new president has been sworn in and Barack Obama is now the 44th American President.
as a non-fan of the previous administration I just hope President Obama will do a damn good job and hopefully make a change to America and maybe the world.

Thursday, 15 January 2009


I have just heard the sad news of the passing of Ricardo Montalbán.
I loved him in Fantasy Island, and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is my all time favourite Trek movie.
You will always be one of my favourite bad guys Mr.Montalbán.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

The Eleventh Doctor

The New Doctor Who has been cast, at just after 6pm on BBC One

the actor that has beaten so many hopefuls to the role of a lifetime(s) is -

Matt Smith...

Who you may ask is he?

Well he is an actor who appeared with Billie Piper in the Ruby in the Smoke and the Shadow in the North, as well as Party Animals.

To be honest, I don't like the look of the actor, he is way too young at the tender age of 26 years old and he is ugly! ok that is mine and my wife's opinion but we are sticking to it.

plus how old is his companion going to be? 12 years old ?

is it me or are they changing the show into the young doctor who adventures? the M.I. High of the timelords!

I really hope the scripts will be good and that somehow he pulls it off and is in fact a half decent doctor, but WHO knows?

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The End of the Year

Well the last few months has been very eventful for Candy and I and we are hoping that 2009 will be much better for us in health, home, and work.

As I'm sitting here writing this entry and thinking about what has gone on before in the last few months, I'm surprised that we have lasted and overcome all the shit that has been thrown at us, what with my bad health, being made homeless, and all the money worries that we had. I'm just glad that we are strong as a married couple and that we have each other forever, I don't know what we would do without the other and honestly I hope we will never find out.

Well lets get some of the stuff off my chest then and let you all know what has been going on with the Louis family.

Back in September we were made homeless and got kicked out of our home by the bailiffs it had to do with Candy's late father, the house itself is part of the will that has not been read yet and we are in the middle of sorting out the probate which has taken more time due to certain things and red tape.
It really has been a pain in the ass trying to get this done but it needs doing.
Anyway as I said we got made homeless, and so for two days we had no home.
luckly our neighbours at No. 2 allowed us to sleep on their sofa and we started to devise a cunning plan of action.

We traveled into york to seek advise from various departments of housing and benefits, but they were of no use and pretty sucky.
but we did find help in the Salvation Army and they gave us the best advice and it was legal as well!, the advisior that we spoke to was also a comicbook nut and we got chatting about that too as well. not bad for the god squad!

So with positive feeling, we went back home and we gained entry through a wide open backdoor, once inside Candy changed all the locks and secured the place from intruders and we became squatters of our own home.
we placed a legal notice on the front door and got in touch with the official squatters union in London to get some more advice and they helped as well.

Everything is still normal, we still pay the bills, and we are still going to sort out the house and get our stuff packed away and move to somewhere else.
the only downside of all of this is that someone has to stay in the house all the time, just in case someone comes calling. and with me being nearly housebound anyway due to my bad back and legs, it was down to me to stay indoors.
but I have not left the house in 15 weeks, and it really is getting me down, I do get fresh air in my lungs whenever I say goodbye to Candy at the front door as she goes into town to do some shopping, but it is not the same and it pisses me off, as I can't walk that far anymore, not until I get my back fixed.
even my walking stick does not help that much.

anyway on to other things now....

back in Aug, we treated ourselves to several goodies inc new mobile phones, some DVDs, a Tardis shaped phone, a new digital camera for Candy, an XBOX, several XBOX games, a Ouiji board (which I have not used just yet) and a Laptop that we have named DAVE.
Dave the PC has been a wonder for us, at last we have internet access again and it is wonderful.

One of many things I have taken advantage of having the internet again is to use Facebook alot more,
I have gained so many new friends and gotten in touch with so many of my old work buddies and school friends, It has been really good as I miss my friends back in Milton Keynes and I don't have any mates here in Easingwold.
one of the best things about gaining new friends on Facebook has been making friends with people in the comicbook industry and I have been over the moon by some of the friends I have, including Stan Lee, Richard Starkings, Dez Skinn, Eric Orchard, Brian Reed, Mitch Breitweiser, Mike Mignola, and the best of them all is Todd Dezago who I am a big fan of due to his work on the comicbook Perhapanauts. it really has made me happy to call these fine gentlemen friends.

Talking about comicbooks, I have finally given up all hope on Travelling Man York of ever being a decent comicbook shop.
The manager there knows nothing about comics, merchandising, or what the customer needs are, the staff are rude and there is no decent customer service.
(but saying that, I have not found any decent customer service in York).
So what I have done now is gone over to another shop called Destination Venus which is located in Harrogate, It's not that far away but I order online as it is cheaper. and the service is really good and I have been very impressed by them so far.
Candy and I are still planning on setting up our comicbook shop business but that will have to wait until we have moved home and the business industry is alot better then it is now.
I have been planning on doing this for years now but never found anyone to share my dream with until I met my Candy.
I really can't wait to make it happen as we both have so many wonderful ideas.
plus with my business skills, retail manager experience, and already having worked for Forbidden Planet as a manager at the tender age of 18 roughly sixteen years ago, I think I have what it takes.
plus we would like to combine it with Candy's art business and card crafting, and I still want to continue with my flower arranging and get back into working as a florist again. so many skills and so much to do.
plus as a sideline, I still would like to investigate the paranormal as a ghost hunter as I once did a few years ago with Ghosthunters UK.

As for the paranormal side of things in my life, we encounted a strange man in York a few months ago who claimed to be a psychic medium and he wanted our help to escort him to the bus stop as he was not feeling to well due to his meds, as someone who knows alot about that, we helped him as our good deed of the day, heck we need all the good karma we could get at that point.
anyway he went on to tell us that he speaks to the spirits that have passed over and that he has seeked us out due to having messages for us both.
I admit I did not believe him at first until he started passing over messages to Candy and coming out with stuff that nobody else knows about her except me of course. well that surprised us and then he told me some stuff about my late parents which made me concerned and laugh at a few comments that my late mother passed to him.
It was interesting to hear stuff that you know deep down in your core of being as being true and well it made us both think for the future.

It has been an interesting year and I hope that the next will not be boring, and that there will be many more adventures for Candy and I to enjoy!

Happy New Year Everybody, and may whatever gods you hold dear to your heart will bless you every day of 2009.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Mice Mice Everywhere!

Just another small post to keep the cobwebs out of my head.

Recently we have started a new family, a family of mice that is!
Candy has found and rescued a group of field mice that has made their home in our kitchen/dining room.

So far we have three mice in a very secure plastic goldfish bowl and we have three or four more that are roaming free in our house. Candy has taken loads of photos of them and they are really cute. she feeds them anything we have in our cupboards, but they like eating popcorn, apples, jam, brioche, and bird seeds.

They also enjoy trying to escape from their home, but they have had no luck so far.
I have noticed that they like watching TV, as they were watching Mary Poppins with me the other day.