Friday, 4 September 2009

Long Journeys.

It has been yet another long time since I last updated my blog and part of me misses doing this on a regular basis but another part of me wonders do I need to do this anymore as I have Facebook now to update my daily rants and stuff?
I admit I've not been online for a couple of months as for some strange reason I have lost all internet connection and signal for my laptop, and I am trying to sort it out.

It has been a busy few months so here goes folks...

Well we finally got back to our old home to pack what stuff we could get in the short space of time that we had which was only 5 hours,
we were helped by two removal men, Pete and Steve and a lad named James who worked for the company that deals with the keys to the house.
James was really wonderful and very helpful, he loved Candy's artwork and my collection of comics and swords.
Candy and I arrived at our home at 9.30am to find all our hedges and trees in the front garden had been cut down by a very nasty neighbour, next door who we found out later had dumped loads of rubbish in our back garden and broken into our shed and took stuff, We could not gain access to our garden, which upset Candy as she wanted to collect some tools from the shed that used to belong to her grandfather, but now they might have been nicked.
When we got into the house, it was trashed inside, whom ever put up the metal plates on the doors and windows had also gone through our personal stuff and thrown stuff around, broke stuff and generally left a mess which took us longer to find stuff to pack up, they even went through our clothes draw and thrown Candy's clothes on the floor.
we were fucking disgusted and we have no idea what if any of our stuff had been stolen.
anyway being angry was not getting us anywhere, so we started to pack what we could, I went upstairs to our bedroom to start packing up our clothes and anything else that we needed, while everyone else was clearing out the living room, luckly we already had alot of stuff packed up before we were evicted months ago.
after they cleared that room, they started on the dining room, and the other two bedrooms, we managed to save Candy's childhood rocking horse but not all of her stuff including her toybox, which I feel for her as I lost most of my toys when I moved house.
There was only one minor incident of my legs buckling underneath me and I had trouble getting back up and standing/walking, but apart from that I was alright and I did not tell Candy what had happand until we got home, which she was rightfully worried about, she checked my bandages on my legs and if my leg sores had broken but they were alright.
anyway to cut the story short, we got what we could achieve in the short hours that we had and we now have most of our stuff in our flat whilst everything else is in storage as the removal men only worked up to a certain time (originally they did not tell us this) so we should get everything else next week now.
also before I forget, a big thank you to Eddie the Taxi Driver who drove us from Northallerton to Easingwold and then Easingwold to Stokesley, it cost me £80 in taxi fare but it was worth it and we would have been lost without him, cheers mate.

I do feel for Candy as we talked about what we have lost but also what we managed to get back from the house, and it was harder for her as she had lived in that house with her (now) late father for 16 years and there's a bucket load of memories in the place, I only lived there for just under four years, so I'm alright, but her dad and her cat are buried in Easingwold and we don't know when we will get back there to visit them. Candy has been really brave over this but you still can see the sadness over the loss in her face.

Anyway this should be a new start for us in Stokesley, we might stay here for a year or we might stay for longer, who knows.
but we got each other, and that is the important thing in our lives.

anyway on to other things -
Instead of writing out a full and long blog entry for the last few months, I thought I would do a highlight section instead.
(The events below are not in any order of date or time)

Candy bought a couple of toys from the Mind charity shop the other week, and they are wonderful -

The Bat Mobile from the 1960's TV series of BATMAN -

The Black Beauty from the 1960's TV series of The GREEN HORNET -

K-9 from the TV series of DOCTOR WHO -

Candy also treated me to the original boxset of Dungeons & Dragons which made me really happy -

Several weeks ago, Candy and I were unfortunate to be among the many thousands of people in this country to contract the H1N1 virus otherwise known as the Swine Flu virus. we were lucky as we only got mild symptoms and we recovered after a week of rest, but it was a week of being in pain that we don't want to go through again.

Here's a picture I got from a friend who emailed me - Poor Piglet is not very well -

I turned 34 years old on May the Third, and I had a pretty good time as my birthday celebrations also fell on the international Free ComicBook Day, for which we travelled up to Middlesbough for the day.
It was the very first time we visted the town and it took us a while to locate the FPI comicshop which when we got there we were so bloody disappointed as they deciced not to particapate in the FCBD initiative and they were really rude to both Candy and I for no reason except they did not like the look of us.
so I missed out on some free comics that I wanted, so I was pretty peeved off.
but Candy suggested that I should get in touch with another shop, which I did.
So I emailed GOSH comics in London, and they were so wonderful to us and sent out a selection of comics that I was after for free delivery.
We were so impressed by the company that if anyone from that shop is reading this, a big thank you for you.
I also got loads of birthday messages from my friends on Facebook and some cards as well, Cheers guys ;-)

We are still watching Big Brother 10 and we are really enjoying it which has surprised us, my favourites have been Freddie, Siavash, and Marcus.
Candy and I were rooting for Marcus to win as we think he is the coolest one in the house, but he got kicked out last week, so my bet is Siavash or Sophie.

I know it's very late in making this comment but both Psychoville and Torchwood: Children of the Earth were both fantastic viewing,
and at the moment I'm enjoying watching Being Human on BBC 1.

Candy had also bought over the weeks (spending my money here!) an original NES computer game system with added games for a tenner, a whole load of 70's superhero annuals in faily good condition, a huge amount of Beano and Dandy comics/annuals dating back from the 1980's, and a large number of occult/witchcraft books from which she would like to learn the craft from me.

Candy is very good with Crystals and Dowsing Rods and she has dipped her fingers into spellcasting which she is getting better with my help of course.
Don't forget folks I used to be known as Witchboy for several years and I have practiced magick from a very early young age.

As for my health, it's getting better slowly.
my legs are looking better but with huge scabs covering the sores, so my skin is getting healed underneath all of the scabs, but at the moment they will not win any beauty prize.
I have to wear bandages all the time and I regular see the Lymphoedema clinic for treatment.
at least my legs are not going to be amputed now which was once said back in Feb.
but my back is still killing me and the painkillers are still not working so I'm having to be assessed for futher treatment, bloody hell just give me Morphine, than I be happy!

Candy made me an amazing video on Dave the Laptop of a love message from her to me, and it bought a tear to my eyes, it was such a wonderful thing, and I am so bloody lucky to be married to her, to be with her and she really is the best. I Love You Candy Darling.

Anyway here are a few photos of Candy and Myself that we took recently.

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