Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The End of the Year

Well the last few months has been very eventful for Candy and I and we are hoping that 2009 will be much better for us in health, home, and work.

As I'm sitting here writing this entry and thinking about what has gone on before in the last few months, I'm surprised that we have lasted and overcome all the shit that has been thrown at us, what with my bad health, being made homeless, and all the money worries that we had. I'm just glad that we are strong as a married couple and that we have each other forever, I don't know what we would do without the other and honestly I hope we will never find out.

Well lets get some of the stuff off my chest then and let you all know what has been going on with the Louis family.

Back in September we were made homeless and got kicked out of our home by the bailiffs it had to do with Candy's late father, the house itself is part of the will that has not been read yet and we are in the middle of sorting out the probate which has taken more time due to certain things and red tape.
It really has been a pain in the ass trying to get this done but it needs doing.
Anyway as I said we got made homeless, and so for two days we had no home.
luckly our neighbours at No. 2 allowed us to sleep on their sofa and we started to devise a cunning plan of action.

We traveled into york to seek advise from various departments of housing and benefits, but they were of no use and pretty sucky.
but we did find help in the Salvation Army and they gave us the best advice and it was legal as well!, the advisior that we spoke to was also a comicbook nut and we got chatting about that too as well. not bad for the god squad!

So with positive feeling, we went back home and we gained entry through a wide open backdoor, once inside Candy changed all the locks and secured the place from intruders and we became squatters of our own home.
we placed a legal notice on the front door and got in touch with the official squatters union in London to get some more advice and they helped as well.

Everything is still normal, we still pay the bills, and we are still going to sort out the house and get our stuff packed away and move to somewhere else.
the only downside of all of this is that someone has to stay in the house all the time, just in case someone comes calling. and with me being nearly housebound anyway due to my bad back and legs, it was down to me to stay indoors.
but I have not left the house in 15 weeks, and it really is getting me down, I do get fresh air in my lungs whenever I say goodbye to Candy at the front door as she goes into town to do some shopping, but it is not the same and it pisses me off, as I can't walk that far anymore, not until I get my back fixed.
even my walking stick does not help that much.

anyway on to other things now....

back in Aug, we treated ourselves to several goodies inc new mobile phones, some DVDs, a Tardis shaped phone, a new digital camera for Candy, an XBOX, several XBOX games, a Ouiji board (which I have not used just yet) and a Laptop that we have named DAVE.
Dave the PC has been a wonder for us, at last we have internet access again and it is wonderful.

One of many things I have taken advantage of having the internet again is to use Facebook alot more,
I have gained so many new friends and gotten in touch with so many of my old work buddies and school friends, It has been really good as I miss my friends back in Milton Keynes and I don't have any mates here in Easingwold.
one of the best things about gaining new friends on Facebook has been making friends with people in the comicbook industry and I have been over the moon by some of the friends I have, including Stan Lee, Richard Starkings, Dez Skinn, Eric Orchard, Brian Reed, Mitch Breitweiser, Mike Mignola, and the best of them all is Todd Dezago who I am a big fan of due to his work on the comicbook Perhapanauts. it really has made me happy to call these fine gentlemen friends.

Talking about comicbooks, I have finally given up all hope on Travelling Man York of ever being a decent comicbook shop.
The manager there knows nothing about comics, merchandising, or what the customer needs are, the staff are rude and there is no decent customer service.
(but saying that, I have not found any decent customer service in York).
So what I have done now is gone over to another shop called Destination Venus which is located in Harrogate, It's not that far away but I order online as it is cheaper. and the service is really good and I have been very impressed by them so far.
Candy and I are still planning on setting up our comicbook shop business but that will have to wait until we have moved home and the business industry is alot better then it is now.
I have been planning on doing this for years now but never found anyone to share my dream with until I met my Candy.
I really can't wait to make it happen as we both have so many wonderful ideas.
plus with my business skills, retail manager experience, and already having worked for Forbidden Planet as a manager at the tender age of 18 roughly sixteen years ago, I think I have what it takes.
plus we would like to combine it with Candy's art business and card crafting, and I still want to continue with my flower arranging and get back into working as a florist again. so many skills and so much to do.
plus as a sideline, I still would like to investigate the paranormal as a ghost hunter as I once did a few years ago with Ghosthunters UK.

As for the paranormal side of things in my life, we encounted a strange man in York a few months ago who claimed to be a psychic medium and he wanted our help to escort him to the bus stop as he was not feeling to well due to his meds, as someone who knows alot about that, we helped him as our good deed of the day, heck we need all the good karma we could get at that point.
anyway he went on to tell us that he speaks to the spirits that have passed over and that he has seeked us out due to having messages for us both.
I admit I did not believe him at first until he started passing over messages to Candy and coming out with stuff that nobody else knows about her except me of course. well that surprised us and then he told me some stuff about my late parents which made me concerned and laugh at a few comments that my late mother passed to him.
It was interesting to hear stuff that you know deep down in your core of being as being true and well it made us both think for the future.

It has been an interesting year and I hope that the next will not be boring, and that there will be many more adventures for Candy and I to enjoy!

Happy New Year Everybody, and may whatever gods you hold dear to your heart will bless you every day of 2009.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Mice Mice Everywhere!

Just another small post to keep the cobwebs out of my head.

Recently we have started a new family, a family of mice that is!
Candy has found and rescued a group of field mice that has made their home in our kitchen/dining room.

So far we have three mice in a very secure plastic goldfish bowl and we have three or four more that are roaming free in our house. Candy has taken loads of photos of them and they are really cute. she feeds them anything we have in our cupboards, but they like eating popcorn, apples, jam, brioche, and bird seeds.

They also enjoy trying to escape from their home, but they have had no luck so far.
I have noticed that they like watching TV, as they were watching Mary Poppins with me the other day.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Well Christmas has been good for us in the Louis household.
Candy and I got up after 12 pm to munch on sweeties and brioche, and to drink it all down with Pepsi Max...Yummy Goodness.

We did not do cards or prezzies for each other this year as we don't really need to as we have each other and we have lots of DVDs to watch that we have bought.
we are not like any other couple out there and that is a good thing.

As for other xmas cards, we received quite a few from people we did not expect, and received none from the people we were expecting from.
Yesterday I got a letter from my cousin informing me that my Aunt Lucy had passed away a few days before, so I was really sad about that as I had only just got back in touch with her a few months ago.
received a lovely card from my friend Laurie in Canada, and cards from my mate Andy in MK, and Vicky from Cornwall.
we did get a card from some old friends of my late parents that I had not heard from in years.

Candy and I are going to get some photos taken and send some out to my Aunt Sheila as she wants to know what I look like now as she has not seen me since I was 12 years old.

Candy drew an amazing picture of "Big" and "Choopie", two characters from my favourite comicbook The Perhapanauts that is written by my friend Todd Dezago.
I emailed the picture to Todd as an xmas card, and he really loved it, so much so that he posted it on to his blog -
That made our christmas, and Candy was over the moon, she could not stop smiling and she was beaming so brightly that I needed sunglasses. Hahaha

Christmas TV was not all that good, the only decent stuff on the box was the following -
Emmerdale and Corrie, two of my favourite soaps were quite good,
Doctor Who: The Next Doctor was really shite and I'm glad that DT & RTD are both leaving the show next year.
The only other thing we watched was the Hellboy 2 DVD which was freaking fantastic, one of the best movies I've seen this year.

I did promise to Candy that next Christmas will be much better, but she does not mind as she said as long as she has me, she does not care where we are.
sweetheart that she is. I love you baby.

anyway, enough now, go and enjoy what's left of the day.

Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Welcome to my new online journal which has been named
Have Dice - Will Do Battle!.

This journal will act as my personal daily thoughts and views on everything from world events to geeky stuff to supernatural shenanigans and anything else I deem fit to include here.
plus I will be updating my hopeful progress on my comic book,
and my wife might even include some artwork for you to see!

Below I've added two important old posts from a previous blog I had,
That I felt should be re-posted again here.