Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Shopping Spree

Due to receiving a massive amount of money from my Disability Living Allowance which got back dated four months,
I decided to treat myself and Candy to stuff that we don't normally have.

So on 5th June we went shopping to Northallerton and well we bought lots of goodies which I have listed below.
All the DVD's I bought were from BlockBusters, They had some really good bargains.

We even went food shopping without having any worries or using my calculator to work out how much I was spending,
The only worries we had were will it fit in the freezer.

So here's everything we bought so far -

Create your own website, Select desktop publishing 2nd edition.

Shellshock 'Nam'67, Reign of Fire, Brute Force, Dark Angel.

Tin Man Ultimate boxset, Stealth Fighter, The Happening,
Get Smart, Kingdom of the Spiders,
Mutant Chronicles, The Commitments, The Dark Knight, Inkheart, Mummy 3, The Warriors Directors cut,
Kung Fu Hustle, Near Dark, You Don't Mess With The Zohan,
Hot Shots & Hot Shots Part Deux,
Bedtime Stories, Dogma, Night at the Museum, Crank,
Discovering Herbs, The Mist, Underworld 3,
Deathwatch, Transporter 3, Deathrace, Zoolander,
Farscape Season 1, The Black Hole,
Stargate: SG1 Season 10 boxed set, Starfleet X-Bomber boxset,
The 10th Kingdom,
Babylon 5 Ultimate Universe boxset,
The Peculiar Adventures of Hector.

Men In Black, Rayman 2, Croc: Legend of the Gobbos,
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,
Crash Bandicoot, Speed Freaks.

Soultaker, Steps: Live at Wembley 2000, Bodysnatchers, Infested, Dickie Roberts: Former Childstar,
Spiderman: The Dragon's Challenge, Scanners 2,
Transformers: Arrival from Cybertron,
Darkskies: The Awakening, Brainscan, Famous Five,
Denver the Last Dinosaur, Mortal Kombat,
Due South: Pilot, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: Directors Cut, Deep Blue Sea,
Superman: The Magnetic Telescope.

Men of Tomorrow, A Guide to Wizards of the World,
Dragons-Giants and Witches,
The Science of Discworld, Valiant Annual 1980,
Truckers (Terry Pratchet), Bollywood Movies Diary 2009,
Simpsons Magnetic Set, Gothic Marble Wall Mirror.