Saturday, 3 January 2009

The Eleventh Doctor

The New Doctor Who has been cast, at just after 6pm on BBC One

the actor that has beaten so many hopefuls to the role of a lifetime(s) is -

Matt Smith...

Who you may ask is he?

Well he is an actor who appeared with Billie Piper in the Ruby in the Smoke and the Shadow in the North, as well as Party Animals.

To be honest, I don't like the look of the actor, he is way too young at the tender age of 26 years old and he is ugly! ok that is mine and my wife's opinion but we are sticking to it.

plus how old is his companion going to be? 12 years old ?

is it me or are they changing the show into the young doctor who adventures? the M.I. High of the timelords!

I really hope the scripts will be good and that somehow he pulls it off and is in fact a half decent doctor, but WHO knows?


MumOfMany said...

I was so disappointed... After all the hype it turns out to be some nobody who looks like he's barely 18 years old. Such a let down - think I'd have preferred a female Dr!!!

Jordan Goldenberg said...

It's obvious isn't it?
Most people I know who watch Dr. Who are Teenage, to Young Adult Girls.
Now who would they rather see? A Young Good Looking (Their opinion, I think he's kinda weird looking.) Dr. Who, or an old Dr. Who?

I did a vote, they chose Young.

As long as they have a good script I won't be complaining though, Dr. Who is awesome no matter which Dr. it is.