Thursday, 4 June 2009


Big Brother X

Well It's that time of year again and another batch of weird and wonderful characters battling it out for stardom and the next photoshoot at Nuts Magazine.

We have 16 Non-Housemates this year and they are -

Freddie - Posh Nice Guy
Lisa - Lesbian Anarchist
Sophie - Big Boobies and Blonde
Kris - Lots of Hair with Nothing in the Middle
Noirin - Skank Ho
Cairon - Young American Gangster
Angel - Russian Boxer, Gender Unknown
Karly - Self Confessed Bitch and WAG Wannabe
Marcus - Our very own Wolverine!
Beinazir - Asian Amy Winehouse
Sophia - Black Peggy Mitchell
Rodrigo - Bi-Sexual Brazillian Student
Charlie - Happy Go Lucky Gay Guy
Saffia - Bad Bitchy Momma
Sree - Serious Indian Student
Siavash - Weird, Just Weird!

Well I don't know if we will be watching it every night, but it should be interesting!

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