Thursday, 24 December 2009

My Christmas Edition Blog:-

We are having such a great time shopping for Christmas this year that for once I'm enjoying it and looking forward to the big day itself.
but what I am looking forward to is seeing Candy's face when she opens her prezzies, I hope she loves them all.
We have gone bonkers this year in prezzie buying, but nothing expensive, just little gifts that we will love.
What is rather good is the weather, SNOW! and lots of it.
and as usual Candy is enjoying playing in the snow, throwing snowballs at me, etc

If you are wondering why I have not been updating my blog alot recently
or appearing on Facebook and Twitter is that I have no internet connection anymore,
where we live in Stokesley is lovely but it is surrounded by huge mountains (Candy calls them hills, but I think they are bigger)
and we can not get any internet signal for Dave our laptop. plus we also have trouble at times getting a signal on our mobile phones,
so at the moment I'm reduced to using the computers at the library which I don't use alot as
I don't leave the flat that much due to my bad back and bandaged legs that hampers my mobility at times.

I had a very chavy moment the other day,
I was watching the Jeremy Kyle Show on ITV1, which is full of chavs and
it is the British equivelent to the Jerry Springer show but slightly less violent.
anyway I did a double take when I recognised one of the "victims",
Lisa who used to work for me at Blockbuster video store,
it was one of those usual "I don't know if you are the father to my baby" storyline.
It was quite funny and sad really that people have to expose themselves to the public with their own private problems,
but that is today's society, reality shows, celebrity mags, CCTV, 5-min fame and chat shows.

Now you all know that I am head over heels in love with my wife, Candy.
she is my light and my sunshine, my soulmate and my amazing sweetheart.
but goddamn it, we are so connected spiritualy that when my dear wife has her monthly moon time,
I also suffer from sympathy pains.
I really do feel for you women, how the heck do you cope?

It's bad enough with everything else going on with me medically, but to suffer from this as well. is sure funny. I love you darling.

I have noticed something else health wise about me now,
I suffer really badly from travel sickness every time I go on the bus.
and now I have to take napkins and a sick bag every time I travel.
Candy did buy me some travel pills, which are working to a small degree.
I think the problem is that we live in the middle of nowhere with lots of country roads
and it takes an hour to travel to either Northallerton or to Middlesbrough.

I did have some luck with lost members of my family,
I made contact with three of my cousins - Angela, Julie, and Karen.
they are the daughters of my Aunt Shelia and Uncle Tom,
who live in Withernsea where my late mum was born.

I also found some evidence about my late father's past including his first wife,
and various assignments on American aircraft carriers when he was in the RAF.
I got to admit, I don't know what to make of the stuff I found,
and there is no one to talk to about it who knew my dad.

I've started to get back into collecting my comic books again after having a four month break to use the money for other matters.
and as for my comic book, I have only written one page of script so far, and lots of notes and ideas,
but I have not had the brain power to write anything for a while,
maybe once I have gotten healthy, then I can start writing again.
but I am keeping secret on what the title will be and what it is about until closer to the time.

I've included a couple of pictures,
two are from Candy's favourite website - LOLCATS,
a movie poster for the upcoming Marvel superhero movie Ironman 2,
a dozy picture of me with my pirate beard, and Remy the Moose...Nuff 'Said.

Anyway this is my Christmas Eve post and I hope everyone has an Amazing Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.
See you all in 2010!

Love to you all and Good Night...Where ever you are...

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