Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Wonderful World of TV

I do love January/February time for televison, all the brand new shows that have started and all the old favourites that have come back to the box.
here is a round-up of all my favourite shows of these last few weeks -

NCIS: One of our favourite american tv drama thrillers is back for season 5 and it is brillent, some amazing writing and the acting is really good.

Hustle: Is a British gem in TV gold, and Adrain Lester is back as Mickey "Bricks"
and with two new stars that have just joined, the series is back on form.

Demons: I'm only adding this here as the very first episode was really good and it had alot of potential but it has completly flopped in the ratings due to bad writing, acting and special effects. such a shame, I do hope it does not get renewed for a season 2.

Dexter: Is another american show that we love, with such incredible acting and the dark humour is wonderful, lets hope ITV does not mess with this series.

Big Bang Theory: Geeks of the world unite, we are taking over the world! what a fantastically funny show that spotlights the geek as the ultimate role model! and as a geek myself I love it, plus I'm glad I married a geek too.

Shameless: Is back and ruder than ever! I have always loved this show and now in it's sixth year I have converted Candy into loving it as well. Brillent acting and writing, and nearly all the stars that have left have all gone on to do bigger things.

Plus One: A charming and funny mini series that has just recently finished on Channel 4, Duncan James from the boyband Blue takes the piss out of himself and the situations that the lead character finds himself in on his quest to find a plus one for a wedding is funny and worth another series.

Bear Behaving Badly: A guilty pleasure of childrens televison, along with Lazy Town, this show about a blue stuffed toy bear is wonderful and I can do an amazing impression of the Nev the Bear's voice... Can't Catch Me....

The other week, Candy treated me to the DVD boxed set of season 9 of StarGate:SG1, and it was such a wonderful suprise and I absolute loved it. we spent nearly a whole week just watching the gaters on their many adventures, just need to buy the final season now.

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