Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Dream Home

ok I have not updated in such a long time, due to the reasons of being made homeless and living in a grotty B&B, I will get round to updating this blog on the whats and whynots of that later, but what I'm letting you all know is where we will be moving to.
now most of my friends on FaceBook already know this but Candy and I will be moving to Stokesley. it's near the Teeside border and we are not that far from Middlesbrough.
we will be moving into a 3-bedroom flat with two bathrooms, a kitchen/diner, living room, two large landing areas, and another room where we can have our studio/study.
it has beautiful views towards the moors and the hills, down the back of our building is a cobbled path towards a stream full of ducks, which I know Candy will love to feed and take photos of and she will get some great pictures drawn.
but apart from that, we will be above an Indian restraunt/take-away. my gawd it's gonna be amazing and Candy is so happy about it, she deserves to be happy after everything she has been through the last several years and I hope as her husband I will be able to make her happy every day.