Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Easingwold Doctors

Last Friday I had to have Dr. Westerman come out to see me as I have not left the house in nearly five months due to swollen legs and also we needed someone in doors at all times as we are squatting in our own home (long story) but not only was he three hours late in seeing me, but then he had the fucking balls to say that I'm killing myself and that I be dead soon!
Candy got really upset over this and she had to fight back the tears and anger.
The stupid thing is that I've got a handle on my diabetes, I don't eat that much so I don't put weight on, to be honest I've lost quite a bit of weight over the months, I don't smoke or drink any alcoal, my blood pressure is pretty normal and my blood sugar levels are ok.
all that is wrong with me is that I have a bad back (torn muscle that has rehealed wrong) and swollen legs that has started to get small sores that Candy is treating with meds, and that is only down to my psiorisis and ingrowing hairs.

the only other thing that I have not done right is to go out of the house as I have not left the house in five months, not since we started squatting as someone has to be indoors at all times, and with my back hurting, I was the one to stay at home.
plus I missed a few appointments with fucking stupid doctors who have no idea what it's like to live in the real world, and to have real problems.
but for him to say that to me, that I wil be dead soon, and my legs will be cut off, and that I don't care about my life. fucking bastard.

So yesterday afternoon, I braved the outside world and it took me nearly half an hour to walk a short distance down the lane to the doctors to see another GP, but she was less then useless and told me there is nothing for her to do for me except continue to take the antibiotics for my legs and see the diaebites nurse for a blood test. aaargh bloody doctors, fucking usless and stupid, and then they wonder why I don't have faith in them...
*breathes* rant over

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MumOfMany said...

Urgh Drs eh?!

Make sure you follow their advice though Jay. Diabetes is really strong in my family and I know at least one family member had her legs cut off as a result of it. Which I believe started off with swollen legs and sores... She died soon after I think... I saw lots of patients with bad diabetes when I worked on the wards and it was just such an awful thing to watch... :-( Wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Take care of yourself young man or there'll be trouble!!!